Real Estate Development

Own a house regardless of your current income

We design and develop our estate and homes to meet everyone’s needs at their level, we believe everyone is entitled to a comfortable shelter regardless of their monthly take-home, hence we customize our estates and homes to meet your budget while maintaining industry building standards.

Rent to own

Are you looking to own a home? The rent-to-own is a great way to get into a home when your bank finances just won’t cut it. Our rent-to-own service is offered to individuals who intend to live-in and spread their payment within a specific period from initial payment till payment completion at a mortgage value of 5%. A plan is designed specifically to meet every client’s budget and also the insurance premium is paid on the client’s behalf at no extra cost by Tent Group.

Mortgage protection

Ideal Grace pays off premium insurance as mortgage protection at no extra cost. This service option is an insurance policy that protects the mortgage if the policyholder is either (dead, disabled or lost their job) and unable to continue payment.

Flexible payment

At Ideal Grace, we provide a payment calendar of more than 12 months for all our clients to help avoid falling back on the payment. so, jump in now on the Tent Group payment plan