Site Preparation

Site Preparation

When you already own a property and are planning to build on it, you will need to inspect to ensure your home will be suitable for the property and that it is constructed safely. There are three main aspects of site preparation that need to be taken care of, in order to ensure a stable foundation.

Site preparation is the first step to a building project; it starts right before the engineer begins a new project on site It is a very challenging activity that property development must begin with and in civil engineering projects, site preparation should involve soil clearing, soil testing, site plan designs, zoning restrictions, environmental concern and how everything on the matter should run.

Preparing your site well to begin with means a much safer, more productive working environment

  1. Soil classification: This is an aspect of analyzing the sample of the ground by a geotechnical engineer to be able to tell you what kind of foundation you need for your house, the depth of your foundation and outlining potential issues you might encounter in the future; analyzing your soil samples also helps you to start your site works which include site scrap, removal of surplus soil and compacting the soil.
  2. Site survey: A land surveyor surveys the property to ensure property borders are accurate, measures the vertical and horizontal plane to a high degree of accuracy establishing the boundaries so there are no mistakes or questions when it comes to insurance or the building regulations body.
  3. Site inspection: Inspections are being carried out by building inspectors to ensure or avoid any conflict of interest among builders; Inspections that may be required on your property may include footing, slab, framing, waterproofing, and plumbing inspections.

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