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Now You can own your own Home At Diplomatic Hill Estate Abuja.
Ideal Grace Limited is an excellent  company aimed at Solving the problem of housing in Africa through innovative, sustainable, and secured housing development.
Rent to own

Rent to own

Are you looking to own a home? Take advantage of our rent-to-own program.
Mortgage protection

Mortgage protection

Our very flexible home financing solution turn your dream into reality.
Flexible payment

Flexible payment

We provide a payment calendar of more than 12 months for all our clients
Our people, Our community

Our vision

As a real estate, engineering, and construction firm, Our vision is to ensure that every salary earner or an individual with a source of income has the right to own a home that suits his / her finance.
Our Services

What We Do

We solve the problem of housing in Africa through innovative, sustainable, and secured housing development

We express our values through the services we render

Real Estate Development
Own a house regardless of your current income We design and develop our estate...
Real Estate Investment
Ideal Grace provides extensive proficiency in real estate and creating an innovative ...
We deliver one of the highest quality in construction service. Building for the future...
We help you reform home or property you’ve always wanted into an impeccable style...
Ideal Grace Limited

Our Projects

Increase the standard of living in Africa with a focus on creating affordable homes with every property we build

Fostering affordable and reliable living

Discover what’s possible in our world of real estate design

We are continually striving to be dynamic and innovative in our approach to real estate. We embrace new technologies and actively pursue more effective and efficient ways of doing things
Policies and Regulations

FCDA housing plan compliance certified

Our housing plan meets the FCT housing policies and regulations in line with the exiting national and FCT laws, regulation and polices.

We design and develop our estate and homes to meet everyone’s needs at their level, we believe everyone is entitled to a comfortable shelter regardless of their monthly take-home, hence we customize our estates and homes to meet your budget while maintaining industry building standards.

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